Playa de Bolonia - Bolonia Beach

According to many people Playa de Bolonia is the most beautiful beach on the Costa de la Luz

Hidden treasure on the Costa de la Luz
About 20 kilometres north of Tarifa, hidden between the Sierra de la Plata and the Sierra de San Bartolomé, lies Bolonia. The breathtaking beach of this small coastal village is according to many people the most beautiful beach on the Costa de la Luz and one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. Playa de Bolonia is beautifully situated in a large bay with crystal clear waters and 30 metre high sand dunes as a backdrop. Directly next to the beach lie the ruins of Baelo Claudia, one of the best preserved Roman cities in Spain.

Untouched by modern development
The fine sandy beach of Bolonia is almost 4 kilometres long and, like the picturesque surroundings, still untouched by modern development. Outside of high season Playa de Bolonia is usually very quiet, especially during the week. The only ones you have to share the beach with year round are the cows and horses that wander around freely. Scattered across the beach are several bars and restaurants where you can enjoy tapas and delicious fresh seafood. The huge sand dunes on the west side of the bay offer fantastic panoramic views of the area and on some days you can clearly see the coast of Morocco.

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